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How do I change the ink cartridge on my Trodat Printy stamp?
Simply follow our "How to" PDF on changing your ink cartridge for
Trodat Printy stamps >> Printy Replacement Pads - How To Replace Ink Cartridges

How do I reink my pre-inked Royal Mark (Kingmark) stamp?
Simply follow our "How to" PDF on how to reink your pre-inked Royal Mark (Kingmark) stamp >> Pre-inked_Reinking_Instructions_HowTo

How do I upload a logo, signature or graphic?
Simply follow our "How to" PDF on uploading a logo, signature or graphic >> How to upload a logo or signature

What file formats do you accept?
Simply follow our "How to" PDF on guidelines for artwork submission >> Guidelines for Artwork Submission (via email)

I received my order and there is an error?
Errors must be reported to MarKing Equipment and Engraving Limited within 4 business days after receipt of your order.

We apologize if you have received an incorrect item and will gladly resolve this issue as soon as possible.
All items will be verified before any actions are taken in these matters.

Please review your order and confirm that it is correct before submitting it to us. Your order is specifically made for you, and therefore MarKing Equipment and Engraving Limited cannot accept returns or refunds of personalized or customized products if the dissatisfaction is not due to an error by MarKing Equipment and Engraving Limited. For instance, we cannot refund personalized or customized products if the quality issue is due to typographical errors, misspelled words or name, incorrect grammar, unfinished text, sizing errors - either character height or overall size (our online program allows a PDF proof before ordering), or other information provided by the user.
Please see more information on our Return Policy

What is your "Same Day" shipping policy?

"SAME DAY" Order Processing Times:

Our “same day” shipping policy ONLY applies to these categories and items and must meet the shipping option requirements chosen. All other categories and items process as a regular order.

Trodat Text Stamps - (excludes the Trodat Multi Color Impression stamps)

Trodat Date Stamps

Traditional Rubber Stamps

*Orders not processed with a credit card online may result in not shipping same day as we cannot ship out without approved credit card payment. If you did not pay by credit card, we will call when ready to ship to receive your credit card information, once credit card approval is done, we then ship your order to you.

**Some restrictions may apply on certain item(s)/product(s) not shipping “same day”, such as item(s)/product(s) not qualified, large quantity ordered, a special item(s) ordered, or payment has not been received.

For a more detailed information please see our Shipping Policy